The Global Common Language Project

The first project of this organization is to create a new globally recognized common language. A language that is globally accepted as the worlds second language. It is a concept that is obvious. This is something everyone can get behind regardless of religion , political affiliation or race. It is inconceivable that anyone anywhere would have any reason to oppose this. Which is why this is a good place to start building a better global community.

When approaching this issue the first thing that pops into most peoples heads is “Why not just make “this” language the globally accepted common language?”. The answer to that is simple. Imagine someone from another country came to you and they said “We are going to make my language the globally accepted common tongue.”. Most peoples response to that will start with some form of profanity. It will be met instantly with resistance. With good reason.

It may not be obvious at first. After thinking about it for a while though you realize. By taking the worlds most widely used language “Mandarin Chinese followed by Spanish, English then Hindi” and trying to establish it as a global standard. You elevate the speakers of that language and diminish everyone else. This instantly creates division which will lead to conflict which will lead to failure. It also excludes the speakers of that language from participation. The act of participation in this venture is equally if not vastly more


How to help


Just like everything else in this world this is going to take money. I wish it wasn’t so but the fact is that the more money that is thrown at an issue. The faster it is taken care of. This project is worthy of some investment though. If you do not want to donate through our Crowrise project there is a Link here to donate directly. If you would like to mail a donation directly the address is

Global Collaboration Foundation

PO box 92

Coopers Plains NY


Every little bit counts. Don’t be afraid to donate a quarter the act alone is meaningful.


If you want to volunteer you time it will be graciously accepted. Please physically mail us a letter with your contact information and skill set including any languages you may speak to the address above. Currently we are in upstate New York but as we get financing we will open offices on the West Coast and Central United States before expanding to other continents. Skills we will be looking for that will turn into paid jobs are listed below.Regardless of what your current skills are. Regardless of your situation. If you want to be a part of this. You will be a part of this. There will be a way for you to help.

Web Development

Graphic Artists

Game Design


Community Outreach