4/15/2017    WEBSITE SHUT DOWN…On may 17th this year this site will shut down. Unless there is a miracle of some sort. I am incredibly poor. It took me a year to save up the money to get started with this project. Registering as a LLC  , business licensing and domain names all took every penny I could scrape for a year. Since then,  this year I have logged a little over 1800 hours on this project on top of struggling with my regular responsibilities. I have tried to contact everyone from The Dali Lama to John Stewart. I have written countless celebrities, news organization and radio stations.I have posted Craigslist adds on every continent and in countless countries. I have though been unable to get any support. I will not stop this effort. I will continue to try to save this world. I have a vision for the future that is so much better than the one we and lumbering forward with. I simply do not have the resources though to maintain the minor costs to maintain this site alone. I can not do this alone. That will not stop me from trying though…As I have said before . I would rather try and fail, than accept defeat through inaction and cowardice…..Cheers

3/12/2017  It is getting difficult to stay positive with this project. The only feed back I get from the crowd funding pages and Facebook and Craigslist postings are venomous at best. This is the first step at creating a better world.This is the first step at saving the world. I cannot do it alone though. I have bills I cannot keep up with the same as all of us.I need to be able to dedicate everything to this, but at the moment I lack the resources to do anything at all. I will do what I can while I can and keep trying to go forward in some way.

3/7/2017  I have written every talk show host, local news media and celebrity I can find contact information for for the past 2 weeks.I have not yet been able to generate any interest at all in this project. I will continue on to the best of my abilities.This will happen someday. Sooner would be preferable to later for obvious reasons.I do not at the moment have the funds to renew this site for the next year we will see in two months if I can manage scrape up the money.Thank you for visiting.

 Still Struggling forward, but with zero funding it is doubtful we will be able to even keep this website up for much longer.Please donate and share.

The Kickstarter project is up and Live!

Web site has been up and down this last week.This project is in desperate need of personnel and funding.New video will be out this coming week.Thanks for visiting!